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Basic information: I am a college student at the moment, who plays guild wars on and off. I own all four campaigns on two accounts.

I tend to mostly PvE, but do occasional alliance battles, arenas, and other quick PvP.

I have 2 accounts, each of them with 3 PvP characters and 7 PvE characters.

I have a PvE character of every profession, with 2 ritualists, 2 rangers, 2 assassins, and 2 dervishes.

I find mesmers and warriors less fun than the other classes, but still in general like all of them.

I am looking forward to guild wars 2, and am quite interested in any new information that comes out about it.

(I am a male, for anyone interested, Tambora is a volcano that had a huge eruption in 1815.)

Minor guild Wars Changes[edit]

user:Tambora/Guild Wars Suggestions Page

This page is for suggestions that I think have a good chance of getting into the game, or otherwise seem good enough to suggest even if they are unlikely. Some of these suggestions were on my user page before.

User:Tambora/Other Guild Wars ideas

These are ideas that are nice to think about, but don't seem strong enough to put onj the suggestions page.

Guild Wars Class Ideas[edit]

These are some ideas for new classes I've come up with over the past winter. These aren't actual game suggestions (since they would add a bunch of balance issues, require new quests and monsters, artwork, etc.), I do like thinking of these and hopefully they are fun to read. for the purposes of quests and such,I think of the classes as being prophecies ones (to bring prophecies to 8 total classes), though otherwise they could be in theory from any campaign.


The apothecary has a backstory similar to many "alchemist" class ideas. Apothecaries use potions or other such mixtures. Gameplay wise, they would be able to buff or heal allies, or debuff enemies with some damage, depending on attributes and skills.


This character is sort of like druids from other games. Naturists would be able to shift into different forms with different bonuses, and summon elemental servants to assist them in other ways. Naturists are a mixed class, with damaging spells, melee abilities, utility skills, and some healing (Though it would be more like dervish healing than like restoration ritualists or most monks.)

Realms of the other 3 gods[edit]

These are some ideas for when the realms of Dwayna, Lyssa, and Melandru might be like.

The Wilderness

Melandru's realm. this realm would be composed mainly of grassy or forest type terrain from the campaigns. Normally a bountiful realm of healthy terrain, luch plants, and strong animals, a corruption would start to seep into the realm, driving many animals feral, and bringing unnatural creations like spirit, and driving the land itself mad. Melandru would ask you to contain the corruption, and try to stop it in some way. (The corruption would probably be assumed to come from the corruption of Tyria from the searing, Nightfall, and such seeping into and influencing melandru's realm.)

the Sanctuary

Dwayna's realm. This realm of light and beauty is a place of safety for souls. Many souls who have gone through terrible torture, or separation from family members, and other catastrophic events, may spend time here to recuperate, gain their sanity back, reunite with loved ones, and other recovery before travelling ot the underworld. Recently, though, demons, angry spirits, and other such beings have been entering the realm and causing havoc. While most of the souls and the realm remain safe, players are asked to quickly intervene to prevent the soul from being captured, and the realm overrun. (The demons would be coming from the underworld, and would be related to Dhuum and Menzies)

Lyssa's Halls

Lyssa's realm. While the world of Tyria faces many dangers, every being also faces dangers within themselves. Lyssa, the goddess of illusion, formed as a duality of two beings, understands these internal struggles all too well. She has recently opened her realm to those who might test themselves against their own internal demons and weaknesses. Those who enter her realm describe it as a struggle to match anything seen in the outside world, but they come out with a far better understanding of themselves, more prepared to face the dangers of the outside world.

Lyssa's realm would be more mentally challenging than most section of guild wars, with many puszzles, more randomness, and creatures designed to specifically counter the characters that enter (Creatures would change depending on attributes and skills). Some creatures migth be direct copies of characters as well, and there would be quite a lot of environmental effects also occuring (depending on the skills and classes broought). The creatures would be individually weaker to compensate.