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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions[edit]

UI - Selection Cache[edit]

The problem: in battles with many moving entities, consistent and reliable selection of desired targets can be hard - the increased "mousing challenge" does not really add much to the gameplay.

The proposed solution: In addition to stuff like the "Party" lists (and "Ally/Raid" lists), there should be a "selection cache" list. Basically this "selection cache" will hold a short list of targets that can be quickly added and removed. The player can quickly select any of the targets on that list (with both the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts).

How it works: Let's assume mouse right click (other keys or buttons could be used) is assigned for "selection caching".

"Right clicking" on a target will append the target to the end of the "Selection Cache" list (allow custom behaviour of "insert at beginning of list"), and also select the target as well (like a left click).

"Right Click"+Shift(or other custom key) on a target will remove the target from the "Selection Cache". Do NOT use "Right Click Again", or "Double Click Right mouse button" to do a remove since it can be frustrating if there is lag (which is likely in huge battles). "Right clicking" the target's name on the "Selection Cache" list should remove the target from the "Selection Cache".

Left clicking on an entry in the Selection Cache will select the relevant target.

Allow custom keys to be assigned to slots in the "Selection Cache". Pressing these keys will select the relevant targets for those slots. Slots will be numbered from first to last of the list. Allow a custom key to be assigned to select target in "First Slot". Allow custom key to be assigned to select target in "Last Slot". Allow custom key to be assigned to select target in "Last Added entry". Allow custom key to be assigned to remove "Last Added entry". Allow custom key to be assigned to add current selected target to "Selection Cache" (insert/append depending on configuration). Allow custom key to be assigned to "remove current selected target" from "Selection Cache".

Possible figures for the default maximum number of entries in the Selection Cache could be about 6 to 8.

If the Selection Cache is full, allow two possible behaviours when adding: If "add behaviour" is currently "add to end of list", replace the end slot with the new entry. If "add behaviour" is "add to beginning of list", delete the end slot entry and move all the other entries "down", then add new entry to first slot.

Do not remove a target from cache even if target is dead (this allows resurrection etc).

With this feature players should be able to better assist players/NPCs/allies that are not in their party or raid group. It should also allow better management of multiple enemies even in busy conditions.

I am not sure what the Selection Cache should be called in the game. KIV? Quick Select List? I personally don't care what it's called, as long as it's in the game.

I have seen people play games like WAR Online and if Guild Wars 2 is going to have big battles too, I believe such a feature would help make massive battles more fun and perhaps even take the gameplay challenge to a higher level.