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Make character slots easier to buy[edit]

Currently the only option is to buy them from the in-game store. This would be no problem if the in-game store could be used by everyone but it can't. I personally have no credit card and I don't intend on getting one anytime soon, and from discussions on various sites I understand I'm by far not the only one. The only debit-card option that I might have been able to use has been removed (temporarily according to wiki) and never returned. Getting these customers to use the store could only lead to more profit so I don't see why they have been neglected for so long. Furthermore I imagine it would be good to keep these customers hooked on GW until GW2 comes out. Giving them the option of getting more content and extra characters may keep them busy for a while longer so when GW2 comes they will still have GW in mind and make the transition.
Two options to fix this problem:[edit]
  1. Add more payment options to the in-game store. Return the Maestro option (I hope it works for Dutch customers). Other options are Pay-pal, paysafe-cards and possibly i-deal. I-deal would be one to keep an eye on as they have plans to go European this year and comparing the success it had in Holland, it might become one of the most widely accepted online payment methods in Europe.
  2. Add smaller content upgrades to the playNC store. We can already buy the bonus mission pack there, so why not the other upgrades? They have more payment options so if I could buy the character slots and special edition upgrades there I'd be happy too. Just make sure that if GW2 has an in-game store, it is not too restrictive.

Thank you for hearing this!

Pathfinding to trader stalls[edit]

In some outposts in EotN, most notably Rata Sum and Gunnar's hold, traders are placed on top of stalls. For these traders, pathfinding resorts to just running in a straight line because there is no path that can reach them properly. If you try to use them and there is any sort of object (including the stall itself) between you and the trader, the pathfinding will get lost and you just stop. For some traders in gunnars hold you have to position yourself carefully in front of the trader to even get it to activate.
Possible solution[edit]

Assign a fixed point in front of the stall for each of these traders. When clicking the trader, the character will use this spot for pathfinding, allowing it to find a path more easily.

Jade and Amber tonics[edit]

Everyone likes tonics. I thought it would be nice to add Jade and Amber tonics to the game which transform you into a Siege turtle or a Juggernaut respectively. Imagine gathering a couple of Luxon guildies and invading a kurzick-owned outpost while wearing siege turtle forms or the other way around.

These tonics would not go on the zaishen calendar (as it's full now). Instead it would be nice to be able to buy them for 10k faction from the scavenger/bureaucrat. This also gives a new way to spend faction for those people who have maxed their allegiance rank and are not in a guild that will ever own an outpost. With all the new boosts to generated faction I think it would be a welcome alternative.

Repair Alliance Battles[edit]

There are currently a number of problems with alliance battles. First of all, the alliance border seems to constantly be stuck around Grenz frontier, with the occasional battle in Ancestral Lands. I can't remember the last time I have seen Kaanai Canyon or Etnaran Keys. I don't mind to fight in Grenz at all, as long as it changes after a while. Nowadays, when fighting in Grenz frontier I don't like it to change because the only place it will change to is Ancestral lands. This has caused me to skip many an AB because after a while it gets boring to keep losing. It is nearly impossible to find guildmates to join us on these maps, forcing me to go with random groups which end up losing against organised kurzick guild-teams.

I can't be sure of how the faction border moves, but I am under the impression it has to do with whichever side makes more faction. For quite a while now, Luxon teams have been doing Mount Quinkai Speed Clear, which seems to have become the major source of faction for the leading alliances. Apparently there is no kurzick alternative to this approach. Apart from the fact that the faction border is ruined, this has made the faction titles a lot less impressive.

Possible solutions[edit]

Nerf MQSC! Give kurzicks an alternative for MQSC. Improve faction returns for AB to promote ppl playing it.

The second problem with AB stems from the first partly. LEAVERS! Since it is so hard to win in Grenz, many people leave early, making it even harder to win. What's even worse, I have noticed a drastic increase in the number of people leaving before the battle has even started. It almost looks as tho people are joining the opposing side and intentionally throwing the game.

Possible solutions[edit]

Make the AB maps more balanced. Slightly reduce the advantage for being the home team. This will make it more attractive to fight in enemy maps. Penalising leavers is not working well, so maybe you should reward stayers more. Take the current end reward (x * score) and multiply it by 12. Divide this by the number of players remaining at the end of the battle and give this as a reward. This way the players that don't leave aren't hurt as much. They will score less but still gain about equal rewards for their efforts.

The third problem has to do with the NPC's on some maps being resurrected. There are 2 different problems with it. The first has to do with the res orb. People will take a res orb to a shrine that has just been captured and revive the NPC's. Then when the shrine is recaptured a new set of NPC's spawns, giving a shrine with double the NPC's. This looks to me like an exploit that needs fixing. NPC's should not be re allowed to resurrect if the corresponding shrine is not under your control. Possibly the corpses should even disappear as soon as the shrine is captured, although this might be unfair to necromancers. **Thank you for fixing this** The second of these problems is harder to reproduce. Sometimes when you have just killed all NPC's on a shrine, the elite NPC will suddenly respawn for no apparent reason. This can be very deadly if you have just spent all your spells or energy to clear the shrine. I have no idea what triggers this bug but it would be nice if it could be fixed.

Skill update suggestions[edit]

Monk: Word of healing, increase energy cost to 15. Elementalist: Second wind, move skill to energy storage, change functionality to: If target ally's health is below 50% that ally is healed for 50..200 and gains 5..15 energy.

Okay so these skill suggestions are ridiculous. Ele's are not supposed to have a better healing elite than monks. So why is it that monks are given a better nuking elite than ele's? Next thing you know, rangers get melee attacks that pwn warriors. Please try to keep professions to their intended roles.