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Quote of the Moment[edit]

Be warned, the moment isn't a moment like you think it is. It's a moment where the moment is however long you feel like it is.
"inb4 only affects high level:
master swordsman vs master rifleman
novice swordsman vs novice rifleman
Moral of this story? Don't bring a Protoss to a Terran fight."


[[1]] Vanguard has it right.

Top 10 Video Games[edit]

This is going to be very much your father's top 10 video game list, because I'm that nostalgic gamer. Big selling points for me on these games were difficulty, nostalgia, replay value, and just how it felt while playing.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game had so much win that it will probably never move from number one on my list. It was the very first game I could call my own, and I still have my original N64 with this cartridge. Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to this game. Even now I know it like the back of my hand, years after my last play through. The first time I beat it will stick in my mind forever, because it still had that new game feel, and I remember it well. It even felt a little dark during some dungeons, and I was scared, being as young as I was. Every little kid wants to be Link fighting the bad guys and saving the princess, and even if there are more bad ass heroes out there, Link still tops the charts for me.

2. Super Mario Bros.

This was one of the first games I ever played, and it stuck with me. I don't still have the original copy of mine, but this is very worth playing. There are still secrets in this game I haven't unlocked, and for pretty simple gameplay, it has a lot of replay value. It gets points from me for pretty colors, fun music, and interesting gameplay.

3. Donkey Kong Country

Yeah, I was a Nintendo kid. This is almost synonymous with Super Mario Bros. in my mind, just because I played them both around the same time, and I was hooked on both. There's just something about those early SNES games that gets your heart pumping when you play. Call me a creepy nerd, but I've noticed having sweaty palms when playing many a game of DKC.

4. Megaman X

This also goes along with those old school (for me) classics like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country, and I really adhered to the futuristic style of this game. I liked the music, I liked looking for secrets, and I just plain liked playing as bad ass Megaman. 10/10, good sirs.

5. Portal

I haven't played Portal 2, but I was instantly sold on the originality of... well, the original. The idea of Portal was so new and awesome that I instantly picked it up and began shooting myself through walls. No person on this planet can jump into a floor, fall out of a high wall, go through the floor again, and fire out of a wall at 60 mph and not feel cool. Everybody spent that first ten minutes chasing themselves in circles through a wall, and it just felt awesome. There were plenty of different ways to get what you needed to get done, and it was still moderately difficult.

6. Halo: CE and Halo 2

I list these together, because for me, the rest don't exist. Much like anything after the end of the Cell Saga in DBZ or the Bount Arc in Bleach, I just pretend that anything after Halo 2 didn't fucking happen. I wasn't awesome at either of these games, but I wasn't bad. Everyone has cool Halo stories that they remember, about sniping 3 people with one shot or pulling off a stick from halfway across the map. I especially liked the original, with ridiculously powerful weapons like the magnum, with 3 shot headshot kills, or the plasma pistol that would make people stationary if fired fast enough. I will be buying the remake of Halo: CE if it's passable. By passable, I mean the same exact game with cooler graphics. Nothing needs changing about the campaign imo, fuck up the multiplayer all you want.

7. Super Smash Bros. (N64)

This was also one of the first few games I was taken with, and I didn't want to put it this far down the list. My neighbor introduced this game to me, and I wanted it for years until I had the means to get my own copy. I still have it, and still play it. I may not be good compared to anyone else, but I can still take on 3 level 9 computers all against me, and I feel cool for that. I don't know anyone in real life that can beat me in this game, just because of sheer hours played. I play as Link (you guessed it) and I get most of my kills from the edge game. Call it faggotry, but if I get you over the edge, expect a lot of bombs, boomerangs, and grabs.

8. Starcraft 2

Bitching aside, this is a pretty cool game. Bear in mind that I never played the original or any other RTS, so this very much had that new game feel to me. I liked a lot of the campaign and I continue to get a lot of replay value out of the multiplayer. I fully intend to purchase expansions and probably an account exclusively for zerg. I'm okay with sinking a lot of money into a game this good. I have a feeling that if I had more friends that played this game, I would sink a lot more time into it. Even now, trolling 2s with Shard is top 10 on my hilarious list.

9. Guild Wars

I can't make this list on the wiki of a game I spent thousands of hours playing without adding it in. I joined this game fresh from Runescape (I was like 12, fuuuuuu) and was a pve noob for years. I never got good at this game at all, but I got a lot of play out of it, so it bears mentioning. I really liked Prophecies and to an extent Factions, but really the only thing that kept me playing it after that was the bad ass guild of 3rd Era. Word to my homies: Jeremiah, Becca, Rob, Brian, Gene, and all the other cool peeps. Still waiting on that reunion, and the 3rd Era T shirts.

10. 1602 A.D.

Never heard of it? That's understandable. I don't even know where I got this game, but the idea of it is that you're colonizing the new world. You're set different objectives by whatever anonymous ruler you follow, and you're given a certain amount of resources like wood, number of islands, space, crops etc to accomplish said goals. There isn't any cheesing in this game because the other players start out with bigger ships and more guns than you do, and never desire to kill you. This could very much be a bad game by good game standards, but I still liked it.