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Race Specific Professions[edit]

My first idea is to have maybe professions that are race specific, while sacrificing a normal profession and the rest are multi-race.

Professions Gained/Lost[edit]

Race Profession Gained Profession Lost
Asura Golemancer Warrior
Norn Animalist Elementalist
Charr Invasionist Necromancer
Sylvari Naturist Mesmer
Human N/A N/A

The New Professions Explained:[edit]

  • Golemancer - Pretty simple, The ability to make Golem's that may have many uses. The sub-classes (Things you put attribute points on) would be: Technology (Primary), Fighting, Defending, Protecting and Supporting. Technology will be skills that you can add attachments to your Golem, and the rest are pretty self explaniatry (Fighting have skills to make fighting golems etc)
  • Animalist - The ability to turn into animals and aquire there skills. The sub-classes would be: Natural Ability (Primary), Volfen, Ursan, Raven. Natural Ability will give you skills to give overall buffs to your other sub-classes, (E.G. One skill could extend all Forms for an additional 20 seconds). The other sub-classes are also self explaintary.
  • Invasionist - Named after the Charr invasion of Ascalon, this profession gives Charr the ability to give them more attack power and summon Charr to the battlefield. The sub-classes would be: *Unknown*
  • Naturist - Nature to an Elementalist is like a Ritualist to a Monk, they have very similar skills, but are also unique in there own way. The Sub-Classes would be: Naturism (Primary), Plant Life, Animal Life, Elements.
  • Humans - Humans do not have a new profession, which means that they do not lose one either.

Storyline - PvP & PvE?[edit]

I am quite fond of this idea, instead of having a fully PvE based storyline, why not merge it to include some PvP aspects.

Example 1:[edit]

  • Starting Off - You start your adventure into the world, going through the tuturial and the begining of the storyline, where you are then asked to join an allience. (I'll use Luxon and Kurzick since everyone can relate.) - You chose Luxon. Later on in the story, you are called upon by a Luxon Ambassador to fight for your allience, with which begins your first "PvP Storyline Mission".
  • The First Mission - The first PvP Mission see's you in a regular GW1 Allience Battle, where you must cap the points and be the first to 500 points.
  • The Second/Third/Fourth/Etc Mission(s) - This is where A-Net can release a few of there PvP ideas. Maybe something like Capture the Flag or Defend The King (One team starts outside the castle, the other start inside, and one has to hold the castle for 10 minutes while the other has to find and kill the king).
  • Continuing On - After all the battles are over, if you win overall, in explorable areas will be mainly Luxon people, who will be friendly towards you. If you lose, then it will be filled with Kurzick, who will fight you.
  • Bringing It Back Together - However, it would be a bit unfair to leave it like this. (Since some people can walk freely, while others can't walk anywhere without a fight) So towards the end of the campiegn, you will come face to face with the Kurzick Leader, and end up settling it once and for all. If you kill him, the Luxon's will see that as "Unholy", where as if you die, the Luxon's will see you as a failure. Either way, both Luxon's and Kurzick's will hate you!

Different Stories for Different Races[edit]

Obviously everyone wants to recreate the Searing from the Charr's point of view, well with this next section, you can nearly do just that!

First of all, here is a general out-look of how things are looking now after 250 years:

  • Asuras are being slaved into producing Golems for the Norn.
  • The Norn hunt dragon as there primary prey.
  • The Humans are constantly running from the Charr, setting up bases, only for them to be destroyed again.
  • The Sylvari are at peace with everyone.
  • Dragons are starting to grow in numbers

The Asura Storyline[edit]

Part 1: Fight back against the Norn.
Part 2: Join the Humans to fight the Dragons.

In-depth: *Will Add Later*

The Norn Storyline[edit]

Part 1: Find out how to produce Golem's themselves.
Part 2: Destroy all the Asura.
Part 3: Join the Charr to fight the Dragons.

In-depth: *Will Add Later*

The Human Storyline[edit]

Part 1: Fight back against the Charr.
Part 2: Join the Asura to fight the Dragons.

In-depth: *Will Add Later*

The Charr Storyline[edit]

Part 1: Finish off the Humans
Part 2: Join the Norn to fight the Dragons.

In-depth: *Will Add Later*

The Sylvari Storyline[edit]

Part 1: Bring peace between the Norn and Asura.
Part 2: Bring peace between the Charr and Humans.
Part 3: Fight the Dragons with the Dwarves. (And the help of The Great Dwarf)

In-depth: *Will Add Later*