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About Me[edit]

I have 10 characters, one of every proffesion.

My account is named after my older character, which sadly (after many remakes) is a Paragon (I didn't get nightfall first).

My Guild[edit]

I'm an officer in the guild Cram The Cheeze [HERE].

I joined the day it was made.

My Characters[edit]

  • A Girl Gone Wild (Ranger)
  • A Minion Machine (Necromancer)
  • An Omen Of Death (Assassin)
  • Alex Of Ascalon (Warrior)
  • Alex Of Tyria (Elementalist)
  • Cram The Cheeze (Mesmer)
  • Dont Hate The Playr (Dervish)
  • I Make Love Not War (Monk)
  • The Holy Llama (Paragon)
  • The Untouchable Rit (Ritualist)

All of these characters are male except for A Girl Gone Wild (duh) and Cram The Cheeze.

They are all PvE characters, yet I use them for PvP most of the time =D