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Mysticism 8+1, Scythe Mastery 12+1+1, Wind Prayers 10
Elite Scythe Attack. Inflict Bleeding condition (19 seconds). Also inflicts Deep Wound condition (19 seconds) if you are enchanted.Scythe Attack. Deals +15 damage. Deals 45 cold damage to target and adjacent foes whenever this attack hits a foe with less Health than you.Melee Attack. Interrupts an action. Interruption effect: Disables interrupted skill (20 seconds) if target foe has Cracked Armor.Stance. (12 seconds.) You move 25% faster and deal +12 damage to moving foes.Spell. Heals for 32% of your current Health (maximum 300). Cannot self-target.Enchantment Spell. (60 seconds.) Heals for 140 the next time target ally's Health drops below 25%.Enchantment Spell. (14 seconds.) You attack 33% faster. End effect: inflicts Burning condition (2 seconds) on nearby foes.Signet. Resurrects target party member (100% Health, 25% Energy). This signet only recharges when you gain a morale boost.
Ends and Outs
  • There's nothing particular special about this dervish build, it's just another one that hits hard.
  • Use Heart of Fury when you can, and call for an enchant or two from your monk when you need energy.
  • Use Watchful Intervention for Wounding Strike
  • Use Harrier's Haste to hunt down kiter's and move that extra bit faster.
Team Role

Damage and light pressure are are the roles of this build on a team. You have a responsibility to aid monks as well with imbue health and watchful intervention, which only seems natural as their enchants will return you energy. There is another slot for utility as well, in this case it's an interrupt but there are other options.