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I really need to create a more interesting page. Until I do, however, my original text is below. Prepare to be bored.

There's not much to put on this page. I'm pretty much a GW noob (started playing in Sept. '07), and even more noobish here on the wiki. I play Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall and spend far too much time making and remaking characters and playing them only as long as my meager attention span allows. I play mostly PvE and like to try out different professions, but when playing as an Elementalist, I spend most of my time waiting to rez. Most likely, you'll find me in PvE as Lethan Al Randar or losing in PvP as Cromulent Kwyjibo.

The non-Guild Wars version of me is a married 31 year old scientist, who tends to ramble far too much, as can be seen here.