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The Market/Economy[edit]

The current economy isn't stable. We have offers (mostly) for high-end items, tonics, gear, collector item's, dye, and of course, ectos. Most of these trades revolve around a above 100k limit, limiting newer players the ability to buy. Once there was a time when black and white dye costed less than 1k each, now black and white dye cost too much for a simple color change to an item (8k and 6k). Farming locations are dramatically less effective now because of many 'nerfs' to the drops and/or skills of the enemies (making it harder to farm). All of these have to play (of what I think) with farming. Farming is the repition of killing enemies to gain gold coins, greens, gold items, dyes, etc. What farming 'nerfs' do, is reduce the probability of getting a rare item (or such). These nerfs are what hamper the economy. Now I know that some 'nerfs' are necessary (ie. obtaining 30 or more ectos from soloing the UW), but if too many 'nerfs' are in effect (which they are) it will hurt the flow of money into the economy. The less high-end drops people receive when farming, the less they can spend. Simple, right? What I'm suggesting is that we take some popular farming 'nerfs' out of GW. (Spectral Vatteir, Jaga Moraine; Elite Ranger Tomes, outside Rilohn Refuge; etc.) Take a minute to think (ANet staff) if you take away all (or most) farming locations in GW, think on how it will effect your average player. Playing a game (any game) is fun if you find the loopholes in that game and use it to your advantage. The game will soon lack interest if there is nothing to do than make fast-money. People will end up giving up titles (ID'ing golds, titles with points, drunkard, and especially maxed titles). What I also suggest is that we change the rate at which you will recieve an item. For every 18 enemies you kill, at least 1 will drop a gold. How's that? It is better than (of every enemy you kill you have a 8% chance of getting a gold). What I also suggest is that we put into effect a price-cap. A price-cap determines the max gold an item can be sold for. (Black dye = 4k max). The reason that I wrote this is because before all of these farming 'nerfs' I was making good gold, and it was my only source of income. Now I have to painstakingly farm for over 1 hour to get 9-12 high-end drops (And these aren't rare items like Storm Bows, no, these high-end drops are unidentified golds). Should I have to farm for 2 weeks to have enough money for a storm bow? This isn't right, please consider the current situation. CONCLUSION: (If you don't want to read the long paragraph) It takes too long to make good money.