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PL This user is Polish language native speaker.
EN This user can understand English language.
GW This user is almost GW addicted.
UAX This user has full unlock 8)
PvE This user enjoys PvE
PvP This user enjoys PvP
Hero This user like Heroes.
Lead This user like to command in battle.
Builder This user like to try new builds.
Wife This user has wonderful wife which also play GW xD
Son This user is proudly Dad :)
SH This user is Srebrna Horda leader

My PvE Characters

  • Thorel Stark Warrior-icon-small.png - my main char (Protector in 3 campaigns, Legendary Skill Hunter, almost all quest completed, got most titles ;))
  • Ryuu Stark Monk-icon-small.png - my "second" main char (Protector in 2 campaigns, Tyria in progress ;))
  • Dragnar Stark Ranger-icon-small.png - for Tombs/Urgoz bp team (Protector in Factions, finished Prophecies, Nightfall in progress)
  • Drago Stark Elementalist-icon-small.png - nuking is good :)
  • Argo Stark Paragon-icon-small.png - Paragons rule! (not so much after all that nerfs :()
  • Duch Starka Assassin-icon-small.png - you won't need elite when you have Critical Agility :)
  • Kate Lee Stark Mesmer-icon-small.png - only women between my chars, unfortunetly little played :(

My PvP Characters

  • Viss Stark (recreated on demand)
  • Pharaun Stark (permament pvp elementalist)


Srebrna Horda [SH] - Polish guild playing PvE for Kurzicks.

Account-wide Titles