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The Gladgul Clan click on a photo or the arrow next to a name for more...

Sonya Gladgul ⇒
Ranger-icon.png Sonya Gladgul
Main character, Protector of all continents, Guardian of Tyria, and Legendary Cartographer.
Khilymal Gladgul ⇒
Warrior-icon.png Khilymal Gladgul
Beaten Prophecies. At final mission in Nightfall. Cruising through Cantha in pursuit of Warrior Elites
XiaoYa Gladgul ⇒
Ritualist-icon.png XiaoYa Gladgul
My favorite little ritualist. Beaten Factions and Nightfall with her.
Thul Gladgul ⇒
Monk-icon.png Thul Gladgul
First Elona-born character, and I made a monk. Beaten Prophecies, at last mission in Cantha.
Thadius Gladgul ⇒
Necromancer-icon.png Thadius Gladgul
My first character. Many mistakes were made. Then corrected.
But I still hate him.
Celeste Gladgul ⇒
Elementalist-icon.png Celeste Gladgul
Professional Mule in Piken Square. This girl is out of retirement and helping me get skills for my heroes!