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This user lives in Quebec.
A province in Canada.


I'm mostly speaking french but i understand english well enough.

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Wish list[edit]

Just some things i would appreciate to see in game some day. Don't take that for anything more than it is. It simply is thoughs, wishes, of your ordinairy gamer. Nobody need to criticize this. And sorry for my not always top notch english.

  • I wish there was date of "birth" (date of creation) of the caracter on hero window.
  • I and my guildmaster are really hoping that they someday add a way to see members list of allied guild.
  • Member of same guild or alliance could be a gold dot on each other radar.
  • On the Charater selection screen, been able to sort by creation date would be a great thing.
  • UI template to have same UI on two or more account.
  • Some way to sort the henchmen list.

That would be all for now.