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I would like to make a suggestion for the Guild hall system in GW2.

I am a MASSIVE fan of RTS games, I love nothing more than building a castle/town/military base. I love contructing my perfect citadel and waging war from it, then again I am also a die hard RPG fan. Nothing quite beats making myself an adventurer and exploring the lost corners of a fantasy continent. As it is I have often asked myself why the hell can't i do both??

I have but one wish, and i'm sure it will go unanswered but i can never understand why.

In GW2 we should have a similar system to GW1 in respect to Guild Halls. Only the guild and certain invited guests should be able to go there and they should remain as an "island" essentially their own world which isnt effected by anything else. BUT.. and it is a big but.. Why can't we build our own hall? surely it can't be hard to give us (the player) a load of different pieces (straight wall, Gate house, curved wall, Keep etc) which we can then lay out in a similar way to an RTS. Give us a birdseye view and a bunch of essentially Lego blocks and we can create our own Personal fort.

You could have the option to pay a craftsman and obtain different pieces for different prices, you could maybe even craft them yourself, Have decorative blocks and furniture, it would open up an amazing guild experience and really make your Guild hall feel like a home.

Now that the main Idea is out of the way, ready to be scorned and generally trolled i have a few other ideas that could link in. Each Guild hall could have a practice arena, where you can choose the Enemies and what level they are, so you can properly train your guild recruits in an easy to handle environment, you could even include a quest mode at the hall area, where you and any member currently in the GH can defend your fortress against multiple waves of enemies.

I think this would be an accomplishable (spelling?) and innovative Idea for GW2 that would open up a HUGE new world for guild activities which aren't simply pvp based.

Any feedback or ideas would be amazing, and if it is a totally ridiculous unacheivable idea please tell me why.

Also if anyone from A-net reads this and uses the idea i want acknowledgment and a unique mini pet for GW2

Also included is a link to forum on GW2 guru where i first suggested the idea.