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User:UndoubleFrom Guild Wars Wiki

  • About me
    • Addicted (but just PvE so far); Warrior/any is my first choice of character
    • I'm an old geezer who still works for a living- and finds time to play whenever
  • I'm attempting to complete all (3) continents, EoN and WiK SOLO-- so far Tyria, Elona and Cantha have capitulated- still working on EoN, WiK, and Beyond (Factions).
    • And, finally, Tyria will "Tyrianize" me no longer, it lies prostrate beneath my heel!! And soon, Elona too shall be vanquished forever!!!

This user is able to contribute with a Native level of English. PvX This user enjoys PvE (for now).

   This user plays in the North American territory.  

 Categories: Users/Language/en-N | Users who play only PvE | Users in the North American territory | Users who patrol recent changes