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General info[edit]

IGN: Chaotic Justice Ranger/Warrior
Guild: None
Alliance: No Affiliation
Forum member: Guild Wars Guru VGJustice, Guild Wars Online VGJustice,

en-N This user can natively speak and write in the English Language.
NoAm This user plays on the North American server.

PvE This user plays PvE almost exclusively because he is not skillful enough to play PvP.
Out This user has interests and hobbies outside of Guild Wars.

Preferred Play Style and Insights[edit]

I've been playing Guild Wars for a long time now, since about a week after the game went live. When I first started playing, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to play as. I had fallen in love with the character Drizzt Do'Urden and I wanted to play something similar to that, a finesse fighter. I came across the Ranger profession with their class Attribute Expertise, and I found that suitable for what I had in mind. I've been playing a variation of the Sword Ranger since then with that character, my first.

This style of play offers a great deal of action, where you will most likely spam your attack skills non-stop over the course of a battle. You will also most likely be using a stance or some other IAS (increased attack speed) to improve your overall ability. Your two greatest assets are your durability towards Elemental damage and Expertise granting you much easier energy management. Your greatest detriments are your lower base armor level, your limited damage cap, and horrible attribute point spreads. This type of Ranger would only likely ever see very limited PvP activity, as many of the things it can do well are overshadowed by other classes and play styles that are either better suited to the given task or have less severe shortcomings.

Current Build[edit]

Sword/Pet: Predator's Pounce.jpgFinal Thrust.jpgStanding Slash.jpgBestial Fury.jpgFerocious Strike.jpgComfort Animal.jpgCharm Animal.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg


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