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Monument of Resilience[edit]

Elite Armor Statues
Necromancer Elite Cultist armor m.jpg Elementalist Elite Flameforged armor m.jpg Ranger Elite Studded Leather armor f.jpg Monk Asuran armor m.jpg Necromancer Monument armor f.jpg
Granite Citadel Ascended Yes Granite Citadel Elite Yes Granite Citadel Exclusive Yes Asuran Yes Monument Yes
Warrior Elite Templar armor f.jpg Monk Elite Saintly armor f.jpg Mesmer Elite Rogue armor f.jpg Ranger Norn armor m.jpg Warrior Silver Eagle armor m.jpg
Marhan's Grotto Ascended Yes Marhan's Grotto Elite Yes Marhan's Grotto Exclusive Yes Norn Yes Silver Eagle Yes
Mesmer Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Luxon armor m.jpg Ritualist Elite Canthan armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Exotic armor f.jpg Ritualist Elite Imperial armor f.jpg
Elite Kurzick Yes Elite Luxon Yes Elite Canthan Yes Elite Exotic Yes Imperial Ascended Yes
Paragon Sunspear armor f.jpg Paragon Vabbian armor m.jpg Dervish Ancient armor f.jpg Dervish Primeval armor m.jpg Elementalist Obsidian armor f.jpg
Elite Sunspear Yes Vabbian Yes Ancient Yes Primeval Yes Obsidian Yes