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It can get weird in IRC, I've learned that one. ^^

Moment #1[edit]

<Calor> September 5th.
<WT> gods, that gets me every time.
<Calor> 2008.
<Wyn> ok.. here is stupid noob type question, how do you merge two pages?
<Tanetris> Carefully
<Calor> With glue.
<WT> stapler?
<Defiant_Elements> Duct tape is better.
<Wyn> ok, you guys all suck
<Wyn> :P
<Calor> Duct tape is silver, but silence is golden.
<FASC|JonTheMon_work> can an admin put history from one article into another?
<Calor> Honestly? I don't think you can.
<Defiant_Elements> Actually, duct tape comes in a variety of colors :P
<Tanetris> Duct tape can make silence.... Alchemy!
<Aii> Wyn: manual editing, basically.
<Defiant_Elements> It's mainly copy paste.


<Pling> [wiki]'s back!
<Pling> it's like taking a deep breath after being in water, or injecting yourself with more heroine
<Pling> feels gooood
* Pling smiles
<WT> .....
<Pling> - e
<Pling> what
<Pling> don't look at me like that
<WT> too late....
<Pling> can heroin even be injected?
<Pling> who knows
* Pling coughs
<Pling> who'll answer that?
<Pling> should i stop talking
<Pling> maybe
<WT> I don't see how it could be....isnt heroin some form of crystalline substance?
* WT goes to wikipedia
<Vili> Pling, do you play Heroin Hero?
<Pling> you could probably boil it.. mash it, perhaps.. then stick it in some sort of stew to be injected
<Pling> nope
<WT> As I thought: its a crystalline substance synthesized from morphone....
<WT> so no, no injections for you, Pling.
<Binary> why are you talking about a potato, Pling?
<Pling> i have my wiki, don't need to injections
<Pling> or something along those lines that makes sense
<WT> -_-....
<Shadowcrest> XD


<Drogo> i get no pings
  • Drogo slaps Shard around a bit with a large trout
  • Drogo slaps Auron around a bit with a large trout
<Shard> owww
<Shard> how am i gonna wash this fish grease off
  • WT aims a fire hose at Shard
<Shard> :P
<WT> ^^