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My Homemade User-Boxes[edit]

Black Spider Strike.jpg This user is deathly afraid of spiders.
Death's Retreat.jpg This user enjoys swimming.
Feigned Neutrality.jpg This user assumes fetal position at the first sign of danger.
Golden Fox Strike.jpg This user is able to shoot lasers from his nipples.
Mirrored Stance.jpg This user spends most of his time admiring himself in the mirror.
Dismember.jpg This user has broken his arm at least once.
Endure Pain.jpg This user enjoys acupuncture.
Divert Hexes.jpg This user likes jellyfish .
Extinguish.jpg This user likes lighting fires.
Gift of Health.jpg This user is not afraid to beg.
Light of Dwayna.jpg This user must fight among siblings to get fed during dinner.
Mending Touch.jpg This user has gotten frostbite at least once.
Discord.jpg This user enjoys looking suspicious.

Order of Undeath.jpg This user admits to being scared of Ragen from the movie The Exorcist.
Shadow of Fear.jpg This user believes there are still monsters in his closet.
Chaos Storm.jpg This user is scared of lightning.
Empathy.jpg This user is a master light-saber duelist.
Fragility.jpg This user has broken his fair share of windows.

Binding Chains.jpg This user has some strange fetishes.
Clamor of Souls.jpg This user has very bad hair days often.

Disenchantment.jpg This user will not hesitate to skip.
Ghostmirror Light.jpg This user believes in cloning.
"Help Me!".jpg This user likes cheerleaders.
Test of Faith.jpg This user will poke others until they answer him.