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The very first character I created in Guild Wars. Ever. Lord Tyrant. Started out as a Warrior/Elementalist, which may not seem much of a horrible combo but for a newb like me, it was. Still, I stuck with him all the way to the Crystal Desert, where I finally changed his profession to something more suitable; and then, later, in Elona, he became the Warrior/Paragon he is now.
"Go for the Eyes!".jpg
"Go for the Eyes!"
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Cyclone Axe
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Executioner's Strike
Disrupting Chop.jpg
Disrupting Chop
Axe Twist.jpg
Axe Twist
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Sunspear Rebirth Signet
What to do?
  • Finish every game's storyline.