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Here is my one suggestion that randomly drifted into my head. What if Guild Wars had its own iPhone Application?


  • Greater media exposure.
  • Connects Guild Wars Community together.
  • Helps to keep track of game updates/progress in Guild Wars 2.
  • Shows the world that Guild Wars is alive and kicking and looking at the future of information.


  • Cost
  • Programing the Application
  • Working with Apple on Licensing and Legal Issues.

Possible Uses[edit]

  • Monitoring updates on:
    • Guild Wars
    • Guild Wars 2
    • Xunlai House Tournament Information/Rankings/Updates
  • Shows a Guild Roster
  • Showing a users character with stats (Hitpoints,energy,etc.),current location, and equipment.

These are only suggestions. Just needed to get them down before I forgot. Let me know what you think and if one is made let me know! iPhone and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Corporation.