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Just a place to store a bunch of userboxes!

User Yena Chaos.jpg This user wants neeeeeeds Chaos Gloves.
Distracting Shot.jpg This user has been known to Dshot Dshots.
User Yena Lol.jpg This user licks theirs enticingly.
Miniature Jungle Troll.png I am the resident Men-liking troll of MH.
"For Elona!".jpg Madness? This is SPARTAAAH!!! MH.
35px Dick in a box.
Wail of Doom.jpg This user has been known to Wail minions.
Ether Lord.jpg This user serves The Empress.
White Rabbit.jpg This user had a pet Rabbit, but Trolls Eated it. QQ
User Yena Fish.jpg This user likes putting fishsticks in their mouth.
Berserker Stance.jpg This user is grossed out by dwarves covered in vegetable oil.
Endure Pain.jpg This user thinks he's a turtle.
Eviscerate.jpg This user has had their sides explode from laughing.
Cacophony.jpg This user has been known to suck.
Steady Aim.jpg This user employs bullet time in snowball fights.
Order of Undeath.jpg This user didnt think The Ring was scary at all.
Draw Conditions.jpg This user needs to learn when to Draw.