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I like challenges.

My first year in GW I played guildless (FTW) and beated my first campaign Nightfall all by myself and heroes (no runs) using a Paragon. Started to join guilds only after having trouble to find Vanquish and Hard Mode partners. I believe players who reach the end purely by themselves grow stronger than those who depended on others helps, and proved to be so.

When I play my characters, I use each of them as if they were character based and not account wide. As if every other character is a new start. This is a self-challenge related to skills. I only use the ones the current character had unlocked and the same principle goes for heroes.

Arena Net sells us the game as "Stand Alone" campaigns so I enjoy the challenge of making builds purely campaign related (core+campaign). Each hero is properly runed for Hard Mode (over 550HP) and has its own weapons. I do not transfer their tools through the Xunlai services.

Because I play from Japan evennings when most Westerns are sleeping, the GW experience has taken me to rely on heroes heavily.