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Build Templates:[edit]

Build Templates

<span style=>[edit]


<span style="color:green">1...2...3</span>

Color Table:[edit]





|- style="background:gray;"
!Column A || Column B || Column C
| Text 1 || ? || ?
| Text 2 || ? || ?

Plain Links:[edit]

<span class="plainlinks">[ PvX Wiki]</span>

How to quote:[edit]




| id = D
| id-c =  #80A
| info = This user favors dervishes.
| info-c =  #DAF}}

What is "Edit Conflict"[edit]


"For Great Justice!".jpg Balanced Stance.jpg Skull Crack.jpg Healing Spring.jpg Winter.jpg Heal Party.jpg Pacifism.jpg Scorpion Wire.jpg Lightbringer's Gaze.jpg Mental Block.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.jpg Unknown Junundu Ability.jpg Bot icon.png Union.jpg Enemies Must Die!.jpg Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.jpg Banner of the Unseen.jpg Skill icon adrenaline high.gif Party Mode.jpgParty Time!.jpg Balm Bomb.jpg "There's not enough time!!".jpg Adoration.jpg Spirit of the Festival.jpg

Fight.pngGuard.pngAvoid Combat.png





<span style="font-family:Monotype Corsiva;">

Magic words[edit]

Magic words are strings of text that MediaWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names. This page is about usage of standard magic words; for a technical reference, see Manual:Magic words.

There are three general types of magic words:

Page-dependent magic words will affect or return data about the current page (by default), even if the word is added through a transcluded template or included system message.


HTML symbol entities
Á á Â â ´ Æ æ À à Α α & Å å Ã ã Ä ä Β β ¦ Ç ç ¸ ¢
Χ χ ˆ © ¤ ° Δ δ ÷ É é Ê ê È è Ε ε Η η
Ð ð Ë ë ƒ ½ ¼ ¾ Γ γ > Í í Î î ¡ Ì ì Ι ι
¿ Ï ï Κ κ Λ λ « < ¯ µ · Μ μ  
¬ Ñ ñ Ν ν Ó ó Ô ô Œ œ Ò ò Ω ω Ο ο ª º Ø ø Õ õ Ö
ö Φ φ Π π ϖ ± £ Ψ ψ " » ® Ρ ρ
Š š § ­ Σ σ ς ¹ ² ³ ß Τ τ Θ θ ϑ Þ þ ˜
× Ú ú Û û Ù ù ¨ ϒ Υ υ Ü ü Ξ ξ Ý ý ¥ ÿ Ÿ Ζ ζ