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About Me
User Yukiko Mimura 2.jpg A long time player of Guild Wars, I started about a month after Prophecies was released. I've mainly only played PvE but I've tried every format of PvP at least a little. I don't do a whole lot on GWW either, though I try to contribute when I can. I have a silly idea about reconstructing Ascalon.


  • Trying to more PvP, getting to rank 6 KoaBD, playing my other characters.
  • Doing the elite PvE areas with Yukiko.
:P Ignores userbox convention.
Gwen icon.png Yukiko <3s the mesmer class.
MGHSoRM This user is a proud title whore.
RDF Yukiko is a member of Rather Die Fighting.
User Yukiko Tiny Seppuku.jpg Reads [Tiny Sepuku]
User Yukiko CDcover.jpg Really loves music.
User Yukiko Muxtape.jpg This user had a Muxtape.
I've been playing video games since the mid 80s when I got to play on a friend's Sega Master System. After the NES came out I got one of those and I was big on that system, especially games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. I was even a bigger fan of the SNES, and really love Final Fantasy 4 through 6 (FF6 is my all time favorite). Obviously I was a big Squaresoft fan. It wasn't until many years later that I picked up Persona 2 and then Persona for the PSX and was awestruck. Now, I don't really care for most SquareEnix games, and really want to play most of what Atlus releases.

As for computer games, I started playing them around the mid 90s with games like Red Alert, Mechwarrior 2 and Myst. I heard about Meridian 59, and wanted to play it, but never got the opportunity to play it. I did play some MUDs, the most memorable was a free one on AOL called Gemstone 3. The games I've enjoyed the most, besides Guild Wars have to be System Shock and it's sequel, the No One Lives Forever games, and Alpha Centari. I also used to play Counter-Strike- mostly back in the mid-betas.

I am really into music, and I can usually back that up with my ever growing 100+ gigs of music on my HD. It's hard for me to say I like XYZ genre, because I listen to all sorts of different music, but at the same time, I'm picky about what artists I listen to. Major artists I have a lot of include David Bowie, Everything But the Girl, Sonic Youth, M-Flo, and Talking Heads.

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