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Pre-Guild Wars History[edit]

Before embarking to rid Cantha of the horrible plague, Zaaku was a dagger-wielding priest who aided a wolf-man by the name of Tsumugari in forever ending the Ashi Gunryo (the Evil Army). He was a calm and noble person, bathing himself in darkness in order to bring the world into light. He died in the end, being thrown from the world of Sekai into the world of Cantha.

GW History[edit]

Zaaku is currently campaigning through Cantha in the hopes that he might return to his own home, being from neither Cantha nor Sekai. After becoming Closer to the Stars, Zaaku hopes that he may be able to shift once more to another world through these stars, in a never ending quest to return home.

Zaaku Okami outside GW[edit]

High Priest Zaaku Okami also plays an important role in a book I am writing, Ethia Chronicles, which explains that he actually went directly from Sekai to Ethia.