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Guild Wars Suggestions

This page lists suggestions for how you would like to customize your character in Guild Wars. This includes modification to face, body shape and anything related to a specific character such as titles, level cap and the Hall of Monuments.

Heros In Tyria and/or Cantha

What if you could take price Rurik with you on all of your adventures. What about King Aldelbern, Master Togo, That One Ghostly Hero in the Crystal Dessert,Vizier Khilbron, Shiro Tagatchi, Emporer Kisu, Count Zu Heltzer, Elder Rhea, etc. Think of having them accompany you throughout the game and if for some reason one of them dies in the story you won't be able to use them on certain missions. But you can still use them in quest, any mission before they died and all the other great stuff you can do. if its before they come into the story you can't use them for missions. And maybe if youdon't wanna have em at all in the story as heros leave them as a reward when people finish the game.

i wish that monk character has a new attribute like martial arts or unarmed melee skills