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Guild Wars Suggestions

These are pages with suggestions from individual users. Note that each user is responsible for their own page.

Page Short description
E.Riddle Assorted Suggestions
Gem Assorted suggestions.
Kherec Guilds/Friends window & zoning
MithranArkanere Assorted suggestions.
Thenameless Wonder The Market/Economy
Phoenix Assorted suggestions.
Shard Hero AI in PvP
Vili Merchant Summon
Edward More Skills
Lancy Active Binding Rituals & Soulmelds
Guild Hall banners change
and other suggestions.
Nikdanbro Feel free to consider adding a new profession, years or months there's no rush. Ideas on userpage.
Anvar Le Barbare Summoning stone price and title‎
Bathory Assorted Suggestions. Mostly skill-related.