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Fort Aspenwood Rebalance[edit]

Kurzick.png/Luxon.png Fort Aspenwood

(Last update: November 13th, 2008)

With the recent update, the balance in this arena has been skewed greatly towards the Kurzick favor, actually encouraging more defense-meta for this arena since it has become so much easier to win/farm. The only hope for Luxon victory relies on pure luck: Either the Luxons load with a really good team or the Kurzicks load with a really bad team. Please, for the love of God, don't turn this arena into a Farm Arena, make it fun for both sides and not just a "guaranteed 1,000 faction after 10 mins" area.
Suggestion 1
The time it used to take for the Gods' Vengeance was roughly about 15 minutes. This was reduced to 10 minutes, or by about 33%. Therefore, alter the Turtle Groups with 2 of 3 of these variables:
  • Increase Movement speed by 33%
  • Decrease the Siege Turtle Attack activation and recharge by 33%
  • Increase the Siege Turtle Attack damage by 33%
Suggestion 2
Add a "Combat Resurrection Shrine" that is initially under Luxon Control. The Shrine would be located between the Purple and Orange shrines, with the distance away from the castle being equal to that of the teleporters. What this shrine would do: If under Luxon control, it allows the Luxon to resurrect from where ever they died with full health, full energy, and a 2 second invulnerability; if under Kurzick control, Kurzicks resurrect (instantly to 1/2 second) after death. The Shrine NPCS should be 1 Elite Warrior, 1 Elite Ranger, and 1 Healer Monk.
Hopefully, with the introduction of this shrine, there will be more offense from the Kurzick Side. The basic premise of this idea is to have some other reason for the Kurzicks to get out of the Fort, since having a non-stop wave of enemy combatants is really scary.
Suggestion 3
Add a simple debuff that reduces the effectiveness of heals and prots to the NPC Kurzicks at the Fort. (except for the Gatekeepers and Gunther)

Hero Battles[edit]

Main PvP.png Hero Battles

Hero Battles sucks. It was a great concept, sure, but any decent player today will tell you that it currently sucks so much. If you want more concrete evidence, watch the November 1v1 Finals, in which we had a Cripstorm versus a Stone Daggers warrior. Both sides were just screwing around, as evidenced by the play style and bad choice of skills. You'd think something on Obs, other than your guild's scrimmages, would be worthy of watching. However, Hero Battles is proving otherwise. Matches are predictable based on the gimmicks being run, and even the Finalists in the tournament can't take their match seriously.
Suggestion 1
Remove Hero Battles from Obs and the mAT. Maybe, just maybe, fill in the spot with TA, however that situation isn't too much better. If we were to have monthly TA mATs, then ANet would need to do a major balance update to weaken the gimmicks used.
Suggestion 2
Scrap the Heroes all together, and replace it with a Sealed Arena that is, in essence, an Arena dedicated to Sealed Deck play. For the choice of skills, provide each class two elite skills and twelve non-elite skills. The skill list is updated either monthly or bimonthly depending on if a meta or gimmick forms in the Arena.
Further Note
If ANet were to implement these ideas, this would require a "Team" panel. Think something along the lines of a Guild and how Guilds register for a mAT, except a Team would be much smaller (at most 1 leader and 9 other players on a team). The Team's name is based on the Leader, kind of like a PuG in HA.

(GW2) Map-sharing[edit]

Perhaps there should be a "map-share" option, where you and someone else will open a map together (but you can only see what you've uncovered). You could then ping locations and markers to each other, such as towns or farming areas.

Reasons why this may work out
  • Simplifies direction-giving.
  • Helps RPers find landmarks and what not
Reasons why this may not work out
  • I can't think of any, but I ask that someone please post their criticisms of this specific idea.