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Gently Weeping

General Information

Handle(s): Ezekial Riddle / Riddle / Bonehead / System Error.
Name: Frank
Gender: Male
Age: 21 Years Old
Location: Northern California, USA.
Occupation: Dish Cleaning Artist
Sports: Track & Field, Cross Country.
Interests: Music, Sports, Computers, stuff.

Panic.jpg This user helped out Yay Killing Charr cause this user is nice
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Eternal Legendary Cartographer.jpg This character .
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This user is a veteran Russian, Comrade.
RHCP This user is a Chili Peppers fan.
"Help Me!".jpg Ezekial Riddle scored gold on one of Halogod's Contests.
"Help Me!".jpg Ezekial Riddle scored bronze on one of Halogod's Contests.
"Help Me!".jpg Ezekial Riddle scored bronze on one of Halogod's Contests.
[YaRR] This user lol'ed when he herd YaRR disbanded.
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North American territory.
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Random Thoughts
  • A case against users using the usermessage system on their user pages: [1]
  • Shortest (serious) RfA ever?
  • Lolz...and again
  • 5K run, November 26, 2009. Time: 20:56. Not bad.
    • Addendum: 4-mile run, Oct 21, 2010. Time: 26:31. That's about 6:37.75 per mile, which would put me at 19:53.25 for 3 miles (a little less than a 5K) :D
  • Is it bad if the first thread (so to speak) that I created on the wiki was trolling?
  • "We don't have mistakes, we just have happy accidents." Bob Ross


<Dandybot> Rudolf was the consequence of a highly improbable genetic mutation. He's a heroic symbol all over the rein-deer world, but his physical retardation also made him sterile.

Quotes Archive

Thing of the moment Archive
The coolest Pre-searing name to date? — March 17, 2011

"It Burns When I Pre"

Classical musicians in the modern world — December 09, 2010

Your input is wanted here.

Interesting article — August 9, 2010

This is a very good read. Read it.

/GW2 concerns — July 20, 2010

During the course of the year 2010, ArenaNet did something it hasn't done before: Release information at a near-consistent rate. Not only is the rate of release consistent, it's actually quite fast compared to how often information was released prior to 2010. Especially within the past month or so, where we started getting details about professions and other mechanics weekly.

From the looks of it, GW2 PvE has potential. Certainly, it has more potential than the Guild Wars' PvE. For starters, a dedicated auction house will be in GW2. There are a few things that might bog down the PvE, but this is all I am going to say about the PvE at the moment. Rather, it's these things that could bog down PvE that look to be the death of competitive PvP in GW2.

Caveat lector: ArenaNet has released little to no information in regards to competitive PvP, but more and more, it looks like they're appealing to the lowest rung of PvP, while rejecting the highest tiers. Hell, it sounds like they dropped the monk (shorthand for "dedicated healing class," for those so inclined to take offense to my saying they're dropping the monk) so that Random Arena fighters don't have to worry about whether their team has a monk or not. I'm worried that GW2 e-sport will be as much of a sport as "professional coin-flip toss calling."