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  • Get at least one set of ascended armor for all my characters. (Ranger, Rit,, Elementalist, Derv, Monk, Mes, Paragon, Warrior, Assassin)
  • Figure out how to use the wiki and stuff....
  • Get Obsidian Armor for my ranger
  • Get a PvP title that isn't Zaishen Rank or Faction Rank
  • Watch the world of Tyria fall into Apocalypse when the ArenaNet servers start crumbling and breaking down into coded strands of information (that may be in GW2)
  • Single-handedly save mankind, charrkind, asurakind, sylvarikind, and nornkind in GW2. (May be harder to do. Persistent worlds plus dial up equals ouch)
  • Come back to Guild Wars 1 after playing GW2 for years; Be enchanced with a sense of nostalgia.
  • Cry about the good ole days and where they've gone (hey, isn't this a song?!)
  • Lay Ezekial Riddle to rest after he battles sand wurms, sand giants, desert griffons, scarabs, etc. in hard mode by himself. The one battle that would beat him would be his epic battle with...dehydration. Kind of sucks to be in a desert. The perfect Ranger Hero's death. It wasn't the beasts that killed you; it was nature reclaiming you (or you being stupid).