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Admin for Guild Wars Wiki and Guild Wars 2 Wiki. I'm too lazy to make a pretty page.

If you need me off wiki, you can find me here.


Miniature Charr Shaman.png Rawr! Gares Redstorm will be a nice name for a Charr for Guild Wars 2. The Blood Legion will never be deceived again.

My favorites include:

  • Square-Enix: Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series, Chrono series, and Star Ocean series
  • Bioware: Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights series'
  • Other: The original Legend of Zelda and Zelda: A Link to the Past, Legend of the Dragoon, Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, and Age of Empires series.

I've been around MMOs for a while now, floating from one place to another, but I haven't really found any that could dazzle me. I've collected almost 400 different greens in Guild Wars, farmed Trial of the Crusader 10/25 and most of Ulduar in Hard mode in WoW with a great raiding guild as Paladin (main Holy, secondary Ret), been an officer of the top Destruction guild across three servers in WAR as a Chosen, and former class leader for a Legion that lead in Contribution and had server firsts for Lower Abyss and Upper Abyss forts in Aion as a Gladiator. Probably the two that held my attention for the longest were Guild Wars and WoW, both for about 2 years apiece. My take on various MMOs is found here.


  • "Yes, I'm sensitive. When good healers quit a game, I cry."

General GW Info[edit]


  • Account 1: America — 12 characters
    • Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall
  • Account 2: Europe — 6 characters, 3 free slots
    • Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall
  • Account 3: America — 4 characters
    • Prophecies
  • Account 4: America — 4 characters
    • Prophecies


Account 1: American Territory

WarriorGares RedstormLv20
ElementalistArtemis SlaynLv20
MonkGideon SeraphmLv20
RangerJericho WindslicerLv20
MesmerEros SwiftLv20
NecromancerMorrighan NightmareLv8
DervishAngelica KrossLv20
ParagonRaphael ElysiumLv10
AssassinKage FujinLv20
RitualistSeishin MumeiLv20
MesmerThe Redstorm MuleLv2
Unknown PvP slot

Account 2: European Territory

WarriorCeles RedstormLv20
MesmerRaine SwiftLv20
NecromancerSerene NightmareLv20
MesmerRinoa SwiftLv20
RitualistKenja MumeiLv15
RangerGalahad WindslicerLv20
UnknownFree Slot
UnknownFree Slot
UnknownFree Slot

Account 3: American Territory

This account is used to hold green items

MesmerAeris SwiftLv15
RangerAuron WindslicerLv19
NecromancerRydia NightmareLv20
MonkRosa SeraphmLv20

Account 4: American Territory

This account is used to hold green items

WarriorVandar RedstormLv20
ElementalistLucinda SlaynLv15
WarriorAgrias RedstormLv19
NecromancerSleepless NightmareLv2

My Stuff[edit]

My admin duties[edit]

  • Janitorial duties — Sweeping, vacuuming, picking up after Tanaric who leaves his empty Mountain Dew cans around the house. Oh, and deleting or moving articles/images, blocking troublesome users, and occasionally adding my words of wisdom (insanity) on various topic discussions.
  • Conduct — I make sure users act appropriately towards one another to ensure a positive and contructive work environment, see GWW:NPA.
  • Crusades — One of the tedious parts, but a necessity. When needed, I go through and reformat content to coinside with Guild Wars Wiki formatting guide.
  • Sandbox 1
  • Sandbox 2
  • Task List

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