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External links[edit]

Here's a list of some suggestion I've made in external sites since I started playing Guild Wars. I'll try to remove the outdated ones, and change those that need it after a game update is made. Please note that ALL my ideas are just a mere start point, everything need a some work more before being a really good idea. I'll thank you if you check them.

"To do" list[edit]

Here's a list of random assorted things that could be done to improve the game:


  • Inscriptions worldwide.
  • Require customization to equip weapons and offhands.
  • Better customization for caster weapons and customization effects for offhand items (or adverse effects for not customized ones).
  • Change color name of crafted weapons to Dark Blue.
  • Change color name of collector weapons to Brown or Yellow.
  • Non-identified items will have a generic name (sword, axe, bow, etc), and will not show requirement. To see check the skin name and the requirement the item must be identified.
  • Non identified items (not showing the 'value' line at the bottom) would appear as 0 value in traders and won't be able to be sold. This includes equipment upgrades such as runes or inscriptions.
  • "Identify all" option by talking to Xunlai Agents or Merchants. Cost: 6 gold per item.
  • Rename all items so each skin has only one name, and each name is used only for a single skill. Items that share name would get distinctive names (Fire Staves -> Tyrian fire stave, Canthan fire stave, etc...) and items that appear with multiple names will be all renamed to the one that appears more often.
  • Make all skins available inscribable and maxed in both PvE and PvP. So no skin a PvP character can get at Tolkano or with the PvP item creation panel is not available for PvE characters and vice-versa.
  • Either make all upgrade combinations available in PvP, or fix the drop system to stop creating items that cannot be replicated in PvP in Factions and Prophecies (excepting the PvE-only properties: slaying, salvage and cost increase).
  • Complete all weapon and armor sets that have an items for at least 4 different items, so if a set is not complete, all items of the set are added (ie: amber weapons, Kurzik armor, etc...).
  • Armor unlocking as alternative to storing.
  • Miniature unlocking as alternative to storing.
  • Xunlai Marketplace.
  • Weapon upgrade traders.
  • Access to other character's inventories from the storage.


  • "Next quest" option in Xunlai agent, by paying 10g, they tell you the next quest you have available to make in the current campaign.
  • "Guide" option in Xunlai Agent, by paying 50g, they activate mission map icons for outposts, which can be hidden then with a little button in the mission map title bar. This little icons show locations of all service NPCs, quest-giving NPCs and exits of the area.
  • Ability to see the 'full map' (the one activated in a button in the world map view) for all maps, not only underground ones.
  • Make the "Return to last outpost" button in Guild Hall say the name of the last outpost. I.E.: "Return to Lion's Arch"
  • Add skills, weapons drops and armor sets of new professions to old campaings, so each profession has the very same number of skills, weapons and armor.
  • If a non-tutorial quest would give a skill as a reward, if the character already has the skill, give a tome of that profession instead.
  • Replace all item rewards in Prophecies with Reward tokens. The item rewards would be moved to collectors, so people can choose between the items we already could have or the typical rewards acquired with reward tokens.
  • Remaining realms of the gods.
  • Prophecies PvE skills. They will be 10 or 20 "No attribute" skills and will not be linked to any title.
  • Prophecies challenges.
  • Add Sorrow's Furnace reward chest.
  • Add Primeval Tombs reward chest.
  • Make the Prophecies Missions require the Primary quests in order to start.
  • Prophecies and Factions Missions start by talking to an NPC like in preSearing, Nightfall and EotN.
  • More quests in Prophecies, specially in areas that are not usually visited.
  • Make every single Mission have an Explorable area counterpart that can be entered anytime after finishing the Mission.
  • Add 7 new heroes. They would be given in quests for those that have different combinations of campaigns:
    • Human Female Elementalist
    • Human Female Warrior
    • Forgotten One Mesmer
    • Dredge Ritualist
    • Tengu Assassin
    • Mummy or Margonite Paragon
      That would make 4 heroes for the primary professions that have 5 attributes and 3 for the primary professions that have 4, at least two human and one non-human for each profession, and a couple of male and female human for each profession.
  • Ability to re-take any quest, but without rewards. If the character makes all quests of a campaign, the rewards are activated again once for some of the secondary quests. That is, you only take rewards from quests when the set is complete: no one has been made or all have been made.
  • New Adventurer Title, for making all secondary quests in a campaign.
  • Allegiance title Blessings is separted into to effects: A bounty and a title effect. The title effect will work only in areas where there is at least one priest of that faction.
  • Add a Sunspear title effect, which works better the more human party members are.
  • Change the Allegiance title from 12 to 10 ranks.
  • Change the lightbringer title from 8 to 10 ranks.
  • Add 7 more lightbringer skills, for a total of 10.
  • All bounties work like EotN bounties, but giving the rank up automatically at 25%, 50% and 75% of the kills instead of talking to NPCs.
  • Add faction/promotion/reputation insight scrolls.
  • Allow to acquire any miniature that has no unlimited in-game sources via Reward Chest (although with really LOW drop rates)
  • Secondary sort button to skill panel to be able to sort them out better.
  • Effects for party, sweet and drunk titles: Slight increase in duration in the effects of the consumables they count. If the consumable has no effect or is a one-time effect, then there won't be any effect.
  • Mini-me miniature.
  • Give all weapon and armor collectors an extra consumable item that would appear at the end of the list, so each trophy can be traded not only for weapons or armor, and when players are fully equipped, player have still one use for those trophies.


  • Fix colors of effects in PvE to denote parties (wards and wells)
  • Show the Guild cape as standards and banners in the Guild Hall and Halls of Monuments.
  • Change the name of heroes when their leader reaches certain plot points: Master of Whispers -> Jora, Talhkora -> Princess Tahlkora, Margrid the Sly -> Margrid Godslayer, etc...
  • Ability to chose login and character selection screens.
  • Make the miniatures try to copy the emotes their owners make (if the model of the miniature can do them)
  • Make weapon hits have different animations depending on damage type: piercing, slashing, blunt.
  • Make critical hits and hits dealt under weakness have different color in damage numbers.


  • Add an option to make Ctrl and Alt buttons toggleable so you can hit them once and then they keep their effects even if you don't press them.
  • Fix Ctrl and Alt behavior to hide the opposite names, so items and allies are never show when you only hit Ctrl and enemies are never show when you only hit alt.
  • Allow to map any key at will.
  • Change the Tab key behavior to cycle to the same type of target: Click enemy, tab cycles enmies, click item, tab cycles items, click interactive object, tab cycles interactive objetc, click party member, tab cycles party members, click minion, tab cycles through minions.
  • Better quest log with
    • Current quests tab.
    • Completed quests tab.
    • Known quests tab (all quests starter by any character of the account).
    • Replay cinematics panel.
    • Library panel (Where you can read all entries of all books that have been completed once, and see how many times have you made each entry)
  • Allow to exchange non-ritualist bundles between playing characters and heroes without dropping them. When a character is selected while holding a non-ritualist bundle, a 'give bundle' button would appear near the 'drop bundle' button.


Items that were in the previous sections list will be moved here once I consider they are no longer necessary.



  • Prophecies credits area. Added Droknar's Forge (explorable)
  • Add books for Sunspear, Lightbringer and Allegiance ranks. Added books for all campaigns.
  • Collars for animal companions that fit a rune and an insignia. The rune change the type of damage dealt by the animal: Slashing or piercing. The insignia change the evolution: Dire/Hearty/Elder. The collar has no extra armor or anything like that. Added Menagerie.
  • Animal companion unlock and selection in PvP. Added Menagerie.
  • Account-wide Devotion and Valor monuments. Added HoM account-wide view.
  • Manual HoM statue sorting. Added dialog-based monument sorting.