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Assassin's Remedy Assassin's Remedy



Allows the spam of Wearying Strike, without any drawbacks.


Make it apply after the attack, not before.

Shard's Issue -- 28 March 2008

To elaborate on the above, this skill removes conditions before the attack skills go through, so it ignores the effects of blind and weakness as long as they're the top conditions (and it will eventually get the blind off even if it's covered anyway).
"For 30 seconds, the next 1...8...10 attack skills you hit with remove a condition from you."

Shadowsin's issue


It makes assassins imbalanced


Make it affect dagger attacks only in PvP. Brilliant!--Shadowsin 20:01, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

Warren G's Issue




Same as above plus reduce to 5e cost. No need to ether renewal it either as skills like rend enchantments and gaze of contempt render enchantment-filled targets fairly useless until recharge of their enchantments is complete. AR is not overpowered as conditions are all-too-often reapplied (i.e.: Poison/Bleeding), thus exhausting the bonus.