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Info-Logo.png Note: As of September 2, 2009 this page is no longer active. If you have suggestions for Guild Wars skills please go to Feedback:Main to learn how to submit suggestions that ArenaNet can use.

Fox's Promise Fox's Promise

Archive 1

Lilondra's issue

It may have been OP prenerf but because it now only affects daggers it is a bit below good atm.
Add a damage to youre dagger attacks not much just something so assassins kan kill again.

And while wielding daggers youre attacks strike for an add 2..9...11 (10 at 13 crit strikes).

Phill's Suggestion

Keep current effect, but add + damage equivalent to about +1(1)...+5(11-12)...+10(15) when you land a critical hit. 01:45, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

Absolutely useless Elite post-nerf. The current stats are so vastly overpowered this will never see play. Easily negated by Rip Enchantment or blinding.

Remove the end-on-miss part and reduce energy cost to 5.