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Drasu's Issue -- 17:45, 12 March 2008 (UTC)



The fact that HC requires you to hit the target while they're moving (thus, letting your foe choose when it wants to deal with the skill) makes this mechanic very unattractive.


A) Add an additional condition- "...if the target takes damage while moving or knocked down..." (ala Hunter's Shot)


B) Remove the conditionality of the skill, but tone down the damage and cripple time, and add a range clause to keep it on frontline characters- "Spell: If target foe is moving, that foe takes 15..45..60 damage and is Crippled for 5..8..12 seconds. This spell has half the normal range."

Habanero's suggestion


If it doesn't get removed until it expires, It means that it served no purpose.


Shorten the duration,maybe lower the recharge. That'd be a buff in a sens that you wouldn't have to wait so long or hope for a wand to trigger the bonus. You might want to lower the damage.

Lann's Issue -- 12 June, 2008


Poor snare, that requires you to hit, too conditional. Underused being in shadow arts (even though im a shadow arts fan)


Make it an elite version of caltrops, 5 energy, 1/4 cast time, full range, and if target foe was moving, that foe takes +however much damage.