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Mantis Touch Mantis Touch

The Gates Assassin -- 08:20, 23 February 2008 (UTC)


For a snare skill you have to get right up next to the guy first to get a lead attack out. Builds that use dancing daggers don't need snare because they are full ranged the whole time. It offers nothing for a spike besides snare which can be done much easier with things such as shadow prison or siphon speed.
Make it touch range and have it deal damage: Lead attack. Target foe takes 10..50 damage and is crippled. 15r 5e 3/4c.

New Idea

Same as above but not a lead attack. Lower recharge to 10.

The Problem with Assassins

Underpowered and underused (see above).
moved from ArenaNet:Skill feedback/Assassin/The Problem with Assassins
BUFF Mantis Touch Mantis Touch. 5 Energy 3/4 Activation time 10 Recharge time.
Spell. Must follow a lead attack. Target foe becomes Crippled for 5...17...20 seconds. If that foe was moving, they take 5...44...53 damage and are Crippled for 50% longer. This skill has half the normal spell range and counts as an off-hand attack.
Mantis Touch is a great prelude to Trampling Ox, for example, as it's unconditional and counts as an off-hand attack, but it's rarely used. By adding conditional damage and extra cripple duration, it becomes more powerful yet also more skillful. The quicker recharge gives it much more flexibility, and in fact this is perhaps the most important change here. To prevent it from being abused by ranged casters et.c., it's ranged has been decreased. It could in fact be changed to a touch skill. :-).

New Idea

Same as above. 5Energy 3/4Activation time 10Recharge time Touch Spell Target foe becomes Crippled for 2...9...11 seconds and takes 5...25...30 Damage requires an lead attack counts as a offhand attack
lower recharge time makes it viable and an exceptable replacement for an offhand attack instead of an odd combo break as it is now (as is, it's a utility but makeing it count as a offhand attack break your combo requireing you to pack either an extra offhand attack or just start a new combo with a lead attack after its use), unconditional dmg and cripple makes it dependable, but as both dmg and cripple are very little its not overpowered.