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Info-Logo.png Note: As of September 2, 2009 this page is no longer active. If you have suggestions for Guild Wars skills please go to Feedback:Main to learn how to submit suggestions that ArenaNet can use.

Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance

Impaled's Issue -- 14:52, 23 July 2008 (UTC)


Not that many uses, risky.
Change to: "Spell. If target foe is in a stance, you enter that stance and target foe loses it. If a stance was removed, that stance is disabled for an additional 1...5...6 seconds." 3/4c, 12-15r

The Problem with Assassins

Niche skill.
moved from ArenaNet:Skill feedback/Assassin/Assassin Spell Combat
Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance. 5 Energy 1/4 Activation time 5 Recharge time.
Hex Spell. For 10...30...35 seconds, whenever target foe enters a Stance, you enter the same Stance.
I love this skill - it's got the potential to be really great (consider using this against the horror that is the current Spiritway - all those Rangers with Escape would be prefect for this), but it's just too niche. Reducing the recharge like this will still probably not get it used, but it would mean that at least you could spread it to multiple foes (so it would be a really great anti-sway skill) or reuse it when it gets removed.
I would also consider changing the functionality to:
Whenever target foe enters a Stance, that Stance is removed and you enter the same Stance.
or adding
If target foe is in a Stance, you enter that Stance.
The first would make it more useful against Mo/Ws in RA and TA, for example, since when they hit Defensive Stance or whatever, they lose it (and in fact you would get it). In fact it would work as an anti-Stance skill for anyone. However, it doesn't really fit the name "Mirrored Stance. I prefer the bottom suggestion, because then if you see someone using a Stance you can smack this on them afterwards, rather than having to predict them.

Goril's Suggestion

Same as above :)
Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance. 5 Energy 0 Activation time 5 Recharge time.
Stance. For 10...26...30 seconds the next time you hit the foe,who has stance on himself it ends and disables for 1...4...5 seconds and you enter the stance he lost.The Stance uses your Shadow Arts Attribute instead of it's normal attribute.(50% chance of failure if your Critical Strikes is 3 or less).

This chance of failure prevent this skill for using it by other proffesions and disable lost stance prevents foe from reapply and make the fight easier.

Dark Chaos's Suggestion

Same as above
Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance, 10 Energy 1 Activation time 15 Recharge time.
Hex Spell. Target foe is hexed with Morrored Stance for 5...9...10 seconds, the next time target foe enters a stance, that foe takes 14...55...65 damage, and the stance eexpires 20...56...65 percent faster.

This is kind of like a non-elite Mark of Insecurity, but watered down to not be an elite.