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Icy Prism Icy Prism

Life Infusion Issue -- 20:00, 2 March 2008 (UTC)


too expensive to be used frequently on a non-dual attune water magic skillbar
only does damage most of the time (signet disable really doesn't seem too elemenalist-like)
Steam is cheaper, does more damage, and has a useful secondary effect that works more often (Esp. with Glyph of immolation)
too powerful for an elementalist skill if it is reduced to 5 energy
Target foe is struck for 10...54...65 cold damage. If target foe is using a Signet, that Signet is interrupted. (5 energy, 1 cast, 3 recharge)" 3 recharge is for Resurrection Signet cast time (since that is the most likely use for this)


"Target foe is struck for 10...70...85 cold damage. If target foe is using a Signet or Weapon spell, that foe takes an additional 10...34...40 cold damage and that skill is interrupted and disabled for 3...8...9 seconds. (10 energy/1 cast/4 recharge)" This way it becomes more than a mash-on-recharge kind of skill...since you are rewarded for actually making use of it.

Akirai's Issue -- Akirai Annuvil 13:56, 26 March 2008 (UTC)


Icy Prism is a skill with an interesting effect, which is shot down by it's casting time and the place it's most useful (at the stand, vs. Sig of return, devo, rejuv, dps and obviously res sig) where water ele's often see use at a different location (the split).
Change functionality: Spell. Target foe is struck for 10...45...55 cold damage. If target foe is using a Skill, that Skill is interrupted. If that Skill was a Signet, all of that foe's Signets are disabled for 0..5..7 seconds. Energy cost increased to 15. Recharge increased to 5.
If it's capable of interrupting skills, it's capable of disrupting such important skills on the split as Troll's, Apply, or if you're good, CripShot. A 15 energy cost prevents mindless spamming of the skill, even with something like attunement up (though mindlessly spamming the skill is begging for it to get dshotted anyway).