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Complicate Complicate

Bathory's Issue 05:23, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

Comments & Suggestions Here, Please

Compared to other all-action interrupts Mesmers have(Web of Disruption & Cry of Frustration), this skill's recharge makes it weak in comparison unless you know a foe will be relying on signets (which is unlikely). Lowering the recharge and disable by 5 should make it on even playing field with the others (discounting their secondary effects both of which are better than this to begin with).

10 Energy¼ Activation time15 Recharge time

Spell. Interrupts an action. Interruption effect: all of target foe's signets are disabled (1...9...11 seconds) if a signet was interrupted

The Boz suggests

I wish this skill complicated stuff. Something like:

5 Energy¼ Activation time3 Recharge time

Spell. If target foe was casting a spell, his spellcasting is reset and that foe loses (50|150%) base energy cost of that spell.

Reset means the casting starts again, so a Meteor Shower complicated at the fourth second would take a total of nine seconds to cast, and could be complicated again due to the 3s recharge. The Boz 13:44, 30 August 2009 (UTC)