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Gameplay Balance

Ok, so I've noticed quite a few issues with the current balance in Fort Aspenwood, from a purely neutral standpoint. The game is biased in favor of the Kurzicks in my opinion, as it is much easier for them to hold out than for the Luxons to get in. I have a few presumably viable suggestions.

  1. Revert timer to 15 minutes BUT make turtles have a limited number of sieges they can do. Their "ammunition stores" can be replenished if a Luxon player brings Amber to them (or, more appropriately, change mines to Jadeite when Luxons are in control) or maybe to their respective commanders.
  2. Remove the archer bluffs that enable physical attacks to hit turtles and mines.
  3. Add 2 more NPCs to each turtle group: a healing monk and a fire elementalist. Also, change one warrior into a mesmer.

In addition to these, the exploit allowing Kurzick players to stall the turtle permanently without any danger to themselves is grossly overpowered, and I (as well as many players on both sides) would like to see it fixed. --User Gah My Name Cant Fi Vow of Silence Gah Sig.jpg Gah 02:23, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

In addition to the above, ALL exploits should be fixed, such as "Kurzicks", who are really Luxons, using spirits or minions with saccing to hurt their own team. This arena is so pointless now... --Gah User Gah My Name Cant Fi Echomending.jpg Eat my uber regen. 23:05, 4 February 2009 (UTC)


Not much to say on this issue. The entire Dishonorable system is messed up. Suggestion: Remove the penalty of people getting Dishonorable points for reporting others. Also, anyone who is reported 3 times within a match loses all faction and is booted from the game. --User Gah My Name Cant Fi Vow of Silence Gah Sig.jpg Gah 22:21, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

Some Major Problems(Unfair to Luxons)

1. Kurzick NPCs
Well, you must say that the Kurzicks NPC, mainly the Mine Clensers, are quite unfair. For starters the Mine Clensers spirts use the PvE form of the skill, letting them rase an army of spirts in under 4 secs. The whole point of the PvP and PvE split of spirts was so that they would not be overpowering in PvP, so plz do change the Kurzick Mine Clesers skills to PvP one, so its not so unfair. Next, Kurzick Mesmers need to be weakened, I mean come on 3 interrupt! Also there are way too many Kurzick NPC, I would say remove some or weaken them.
2. Luxon NPC
The improvement of the turtle helped, but not enough. For starters the Luxon Warrior stink, increase ther argo range so that they are not totaly useless, and also make them flee AoE skills sooner, because right now as soon as they start to flee they are already dead. The turtle NPCs (Luxon Warrior) need much improvement. I would say change 2 of them to an ele and a monk/rit/necromancer. And add a ranger to the groupe. That may seem overpowering, but they die easley and generaly wouldnt do much, ther argo range is short and the turtle has a bigger argo range then them. Luxon Longbows are another problem. For starters they have no elite while the Kurzick Rangers do. Give them and elite, like Punishing Shot. Also what is the use of making Luxon Longbows to slow down amber runners, when amber runners can olny get amber when the Luxon Longbows ARE DEAD. So i would say increas ther damage output.
3. Kurzick Healing
For the Kurzicks, all they need is one full time healer/protecter to win, just by healing the NPCs. Some times the Kurzicks have 2-4 healers making it imposable for the Luxons to win. To fix that make the gate NPCs permentlay gain 33% less healing and make enchantments on them expire 10% faster. That would help prevent the over powering of heal on the Kurzick side while making that olny apply to Gate NPCs makes it not unfair to the Kurzicks.
I agree with most, except the kurzick healing. -- Halogod35 User Halogod35 Sig.jpg 16:15, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Gameplay Balance

I've played both sides, and have noticed some unfair advanteges.

Way too much anti-melee(on Kurzick side), making Warrior, Assassin, and Dervish Profession to week to be too much help
Suggestion, Replace "Ward Against Melee" with "Ward Against Elements" on the Kurzick Elementalist, and replace "Reckless Haste" with "Shadow of Fear" or "Faintheartedness" on the Kurzick Necromancer
Turtle Enchantment Removal
Enchantment removal on the Turtle is quite unfair, but with out it, Siege Turtle Attack can be rendered useless with one or two skills.
Suggestion, Remove the Enchantment Removal, but make Siege Turtle Attack bipass Enchantments
If the above is too strong(direct damage) change Siege Turtle Attack to somthing like "Enemies within the blast area take 80 damage. Target foe takes 250 damage. This skill bipasses enchantments, and deals 33% less damage to enchanted foes."
Kurzick Ranger
The kurzick side has the NPC Kurzick Ranger(has an elite), while the luxons have Luxon Longbow(no elite) that is from the Jade Quarry.
Suggestion, change the Kurzick Ranger to Kurzick Far Shot(From the Jade Quarry), or change Luxon Longbow(in Fort Asperwood) to Luxon Rangers, who have the same skills as Kurzick Rangers.
Kurzick Mine Cleanser(as stated above)
Kurzick Mine Cleanser use the PvE form of spirits,3/4 casting time.(rest of problem stated above)
Suggestion, change Kurzick Mine Cleanser's skills to the PvP form

Leavers (Why people leave)

"I left because the other team had 4 monk, and there was no way we would out damage them."(thats more monks then it takes in HM)
"I left because we had no monks"
Clearly there is a problem with healing at Asperwood, but I must admit there not real good way to fix that, its just how the game is
One thought though, try complety changing Asperwoods goals so that the Kurzick are not as much dependent on healing

Super Unfair Timer

The timer is really messed up. I cant even begin to say how mad it makes me any the Luxon team when we kill Gunther and then Kurzicks win, just beacause we OLNY WIN 10 SECONDS AFTER GUNTHERS KILLED

How to fix
Simple, make the Luxons win as soon as Gunther is killed,no delay of the winning.
Why should you fix? (for people who didnt understand the above)
Because its very unfair to Luxons when they kill Gunther to have a delay of the win, giving the Kurziks a chance to win even if the Luxon should have won