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Malign Intervention Malign Intervention

Chaos Messenger Issue -- 12:20, 20 December 2008 (UTC)


Masterless minion is bad. Healing reduction is taken care of by Lingering Curse. Not exploiting corpse is good, but can't be taken advantage of without equipping Verata's Gaze, which sucks and isn't worth it. I also hear some monk QQ about getting attacked by the masterless minion.
You can always buff it with additional minions or something, but they're still masterless and suck. What we need is to change the whole function of this skill. To something neat, or atleast funny.
First option (don't do this, it's boring: Make the minion come under your control.
Second option: Make it look like Judge's Intervention. aka: "15 energy, 1/4 sec cast, 12 sec recharge. For 10 seconds, the next time target ally receives damage that would be fatal, the damage is negated and you animate a level 0...14...17 bone horror." MM's don't need corpses anyways nowadays, why be traditional. This does some of the famous necro party support in a very necrotic way. This still allows getting a minion without exploiting the corpse.
Third option: The minion just can't wait to get to life :D This is very useful in the situations where MM's need to raise an army. "1/2 to 1 sec cast time (1 sec is harder and can make it too late, seems a smart option), 15 energy, 8 sec recharge. Target foe with less than 20% health takes 0...80...100 damage and you animate a level 0...10...12 bone minion."
Fourth option: Pretty much like the third one. Death Magic needs cover hexes for such neat things as Rising Bile. "10 energy, 1/2 sec cast time (so that someone with quick reflexes can put it before hex removal or in the last moment before the target dies), 5 sec recharge. Target foe takes 10...42...50 damage. For 5 seconds, if target foe dies, you animate a level 0...10...12 bone minion. You can also make the damage/minion require a hex or condition.

MistMatser's Issue -- June 6 09 18:05:48 (UTC)

The after effect stinks becuase if it is one on one the minnon that is created by that skill the minnon will turn on you


Decription: Hex spell. (10...18...20 secs) target foe takes 20% less healing from foes if the target foe dies and there is atlest 1 ally of target foe in the area a level 5...15...17 masterless bone minnon alled to your team/side is created 10 Tango-energy.png 1Tango-activation-darker.png 8Tango-recharge-darker.png