Blade Radio Wintersday in July 2011

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Blade Radio Wintersday in July 2011

Take a vacation from the heat this July,
And join us under the snow filled sky.
Let us make merry and have fun,
The Wintersday festivities have begun!

Come and listen to the songs we play,
And win the presents in Santa's sleigh
Because the holiday magic is in the air,
And it's you, the listeners, who put it there!

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User LarkSilverwolf SnowHat.png Event Details

It's that time of the year when the sun burns hot and people's thought turn to wishing for the cold and snow instead of melting in the heat. In Guild Wars it's that time of the year when we have Wintersday in July and Blade Radio is going to make it even cooler for you! Keep on reading and find out how!

We will be kicking it off on Friday July 22, 2011 and keep the party going until Sunday July 24, 2011. Three days of good times with some of your favorite Blade Radio DJs. Great music combined with plenty of prizes to show our listeners how much we appreciate them!

User LarkSilverwolf EggNog.png Schedule

All event locations are at Embark Beach

Times are in Pacific Daylight Time. Schedule is subject to change & time slots could be taken over by the Wolf man himself...

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User LarkSilverwolf Gift.png Give-aways

On-Air Give-aways[edit]

Some of our bigger prizes:

  • Armbrace of Truth
  • Elite Kurzick Armor
  • Obsidian Armor
  • 50k Friday Give-away
  • Additional 50k Give-away (Saturday Probably)
  • Draconic Aegis of Fortitude
  • Mini Ceratadon (ded)
  • Mini Gray Giant (ded)

Further information on the prizes is listed in the "Prizes/Donations" area.

Local Give-aways[edit]

You know it wouldn't be a Blade party without plenty of helpers in town giving out all sorts of goodies throughout the event!

User LarkSilverwolf Gift.png Prizes/Donations

As you know donations are always greatly appreciated though not required. If you would like to make any donations you can do so by contacting any Blade Radio DJ while they are on air. Please specify if the donation is for Wintersday or general donation. Everyone that helps is always appreciated for it. If you want a shout out for it just let the DJ know and we will get it done when your prize is handed out. Thanks.


User LarkSilverwolf EggNog.png Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Izzy Katsu for the "Blade Radio Wintersday In July" poem :)
  • Thanks to Ryan aka Derv smashes face on keyboard, Victor Wood The Con, I Own U Man any many others that will be listed soon for all of the generous donations and mats!
  • Of course last but not least a BIG Thank You to all of our Listeners in the Guild Wars Community!

Further information coming soon.

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