Council of Elders (Istani)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Istani Council of Elders. For other uses, see Council of Elders.

To this day, Istan rewards bravery and accomplishment. No word describes its government more than "meritocracy": the best and brightest are rewarded with promotion, and years of service are recognized. Village elders watch over many towns and outposts, eventually rising to positions of respect and authority on the Council of Elders.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

The Council of Elders is the governing body of Istan. The Council of Elders is governed by village elders and individuals who have gained promotions through achievements in the meritocratic government of Istan and is currently led by Elder Suhl. All affairs dealing with the Council of Elders takes place in the Consulate, such as trials and government planning.

Other known members include Elder Dahut, and Elder Nahlo.