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Skill usage issues

No"Brace Yourself" -- Any Hero

Issue: I built a hero for a support role in farming with my 55 hp Necro where it was just the two of us. Eventhough this spell cannot be cast on himself, no hero would cast it on me. I tried Morgahn, Dunkoro, and Tahlkora. When I clicked it, it just showed a green check mark. I had to click it again to remove the checkmark, target myself, then click the skill again. Farming level 28's with only 55 hp makes it very difficult to target myself every 10 seconds then click my hero's skill bar.
How to fix: If a foe in hard mode can interrupt my skill the instant I click it, it should be easy for a hero to use "Brace Yourself" the instant a knock-down skill is being used. Also, it would be great if the hero could realize that I'm the only other person in the party, so obviously I should be the target of the skill. For more people in the party, maybe AI could see who needs a kd counter? If multiple people need one, then prioritize by life?
Additional info: none

Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, this is the same issue with Aura of Stability and the AI just has no way to know when an ally is about to be knocked down. The best it can do is recognize that an ally has been knocked down and then use the skill to prevent a knock down chain. Joey Knight 19:56, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

NoParagon Heroes -- Incoming / Fall Back.

Issue: They will use Incoming and Fall Back at the same time, even if on the same or separate paragons, even if eight paragon heros have it they will all use it at the same time, which is really funny to watch.
How to fix: Make them chain the skills and recognize when one or the other is up and use it accordingly.
Additional info: Heros recognize using Fall Back after battles (at least Morgahn does) and not during them, but if under Incoming and the battle ends, Fall Back is immediately used.

LunchboxOctober 02:23, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

They will also stack Charge with both of these skills. Misery 07:00, 22 October 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for the report, but there are benefits to these skills stacking such as the health gain and any speed-reducing debuffs greater than -33%. Unfortunately, the AI can never be smart enough to decide when is best to stack and not stack these skills. -- Joey Knight 23:40, 3 March 2010 (UTC)