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I think that the loot in a game shouldn't be random. If an enemy has something, I should be able to take it off of him and keep it. There could even bee a loot skill. This could be balanced by:

  • Random items in bag (such as food, gold, whatever they have on them) takes the idea of the normal drop
  • Many monsters don't have armor or weapons
    • Creatures like a drake would have natural armor and natural weapons, so you could not loot their armor and weapons.
    • Creatures like heket would, though, but the items could be less valuable than normal.
  • Bosses are harder to kill to get their green drops
  • Like salvage items
    • After killing the drake, the player could try to salvage things from the drake, such as the meat, the belly (or random item) or the tooth. The salvage would have a chance of damaging other parts of the kill.
  • Some objects could be "Fragile" and have a higher chance of breaking when salvaging for another peice of loot and also have a chance of breaking when trying to salvage for it
    • Say that the drake tooth was a rare item. You could make it so that if you salvaged for the tooth you would have a % chance to bruise the meat, a % chance to batter the belly, and a % chance to break the tooth.

These salvage percentages would go down as you improve you skills. This way, a player can farm for exactly what they want, and you can tell them how likely they are going to get what they want. They could only salvage for ectoplasm, for example, but they will rarley get it. The Random drop salvage could be destroyed by looting for other things, but it would never be fragile.

things could also break in combat, which would make them unsalvagable.

Here's a table that shows an example of the percentages that an item dropped from an would be destroyed by the kill or survive one salvage when salvaging the loot. Keep in mind that like a salvage kit, each time you salvage it, the other items would have a chance of breaking, but unlike a salvage kit, the item you are salvageing would have a small chance of breaking themselves. For more on how the salvage would work, see here

Earth Drake
Item Not Breaking in Combat Breaking upon salvage* Salvage survival**
Scale 25%^ 10% 5%
Coins 25%^ 0% 0%
Quest items 95% 10% 0%
Bone 35%^ 20% 3%
Drake Hide 45% 95% 1%
Monstrous Fang 10% 25% 2%
Monstrous Claw 10% 25% 2%

This isn't set in stone it's just an example of how it might work

After salvaging, note that the spoils would drop as normal items and be split as such, so if there was a group of three people the items would be split as they normally would, just which items would be dropped would be decided by the players.

All in all, I want looting to be an experience, as seems the theme of GW2, not some blatent thing the game tells us the outcome of. I want the spoils to be part of the fun!

*Of other items
**Chance of breaking when salvaged
^Per item, for example, chance of each of a number of coins surviving the combat is 25%, but they would be salvaged as a group. This is assuming about 4 scales and 100 coins, so about 20-30 coins would drop per drake and about 0-2 scales per drake kill. But, there could be rare exceptions. Or, the game could perform a percent chance that they make it, then it's normal calculation of how much