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Lacerating Chop, since its implementation with Factions, has never been a very useful skill. It was obviously targeted at Shock Axe builds, but due to the only occasional need for knockdown and the costs of causing it, bringing a skill to simply cause Bleeding when the target is knocked down is a waste, as bleeding is a rather weak condition.

To compensate for the infrequent usability of the skill, it would be better to increase the usefulness of Lacerating Chop by adding the Crippled condition, which can better assist the warrior in hindering their target's movement.

Change to: Lacerating Chop Lacerating Chop - 5 Adrenaline Axe Attack. If Lacerating Chop hits, you deal +5...17...20 damage. If it strikes a knocked down foe your target suffers from Crippled for 2...8...10 seconds and Bleeding for 5...17...20 seconds.

Similar to Crippling Slash, Crippled would be applied before Bleeding, causing Bleeding to cover Crippled .