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Shock Axe refers to a flexible axe warrior build.

General principle[edit]

The shock warrior is a frontline character which can slot into many different team builds. It uses Eviscerate and Executioner's Strike to spike targets, as well as movement and attack speed buffs to improve its performance and provide mobility.


Eviscerate and Executioner's Strike are used to spike a target down, and the adrenaline gain and unload speed are helped with an increased attacked speed buff, Frenzy. This skill carries a penalty of double damage, so a cancel stance is used. This doubles as a speed buff; Enraging Charge, Sprint and Rush all have their merits, Enraging Charge provides additional adrenaline on hit but ends on that same hit, Sprint is similar to Enraging Charge but allows chasing, at the loss of the extra adrenaline, Rush is long lasting and can be used with frequency but is fueled by adrenaline so it cannot be used out of combat.

Bull's Strike and the elementalist skill Shock are used for disruption. These can be used to delay a target, such as a collapsing team in order to net a kill, or disable an opposing flag runner in order to secure a morale boost. With correct timing, the warrior can chain the 2 skills to shutdown the target in the form of a KD-lock, if a target receives no support, this can result in a kill.

Side skills[edit]

Another elementalist skill, Grasping Earth, is sometimes used to provide a snare, at the cost of Resurrection Signet or Bull's Strike.

Battle behavior[edit]

A "minute to learn, lifetime to master" build.

Random Arenas : Shock warriors are popular in this format, the disruption skills are more valuable than the condition removal skills (such as Mending Touch) of other builds.

Alliance Battles: Due to the big map, a warrior with Enraging Charge or Sprint is preferred by kill-staff players, and let your monk or necro solve the conditions. Note: cap or mob depends on the real-time situation, do not play AB like a robot.

GvG & Heroes' Ascent: The most common formats. Healing Signet is not used in HA due to the compact maps and 3-monk backlines.

PvE: The KD effects are less valuable in PvE, foes do not usually last long enough to merit bringing the skills.

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