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So when I was watching videos of PvP in guild wars 2, I noticed the "finish him" interaction where the player could instantly kill a downed player in a few seconds.

It looked a bit bland and silly, especially for the asura, where all they would do is defy gravity and jump into the air then slowly stepping on the downed player. I was thinking of a way to change this into a more spectacular sight.

For example, I'd like to see an ele perform special finishers on downed players according to their attunement. Since it takes about 4-5 seconds to finish someone off, I'd think of an ele who charges up his/her strength. For an ele attuned to fire, the ele would "channel" the energy around him/her and then when the finisher mechanic ends, a pillar of fire would appear under and upward from the position of the downed player. a water ele would douse the downed with a spout of water, then freezing him/her to death. an earth ele would take a boulder from the ground, and then smash the opponent. and a lightning ele would summon a large lightning strike upon the downed enemy.

The reason why the elementalists is so complex is because I just don't like the idea of using "arcane magic" instead of elemental magic, but if you, anet, perfers the ele finisher to be one animation, combine all elements and put, for example, stones and rocks ignited on fire, along with sharp icicles with obvious clouds and lightning that simultaneously hit the downed player.

A guardian could perhaps release a burning pillar of light among the downed
a warrior could jump high up into the air and then smash the downed player with their weapon.
a thief could releash a quick volley of deadly slashes and then a powerful downward leap onto the chest.
an engi could throw multiple bombs onto the downed and then detonate it. Althought the engineer has several kits and backpacks, most of the tool kits (non-skill slot) are explosive related kits, except for the med kit.
a necromancer could taint the ground below the downed, and then summon skeletal tendrils to kill the downed.
and a ranger could shoot a volley of arrows up into the sky that simultaneously pierce the downed player's body. BEFORE this idea was: call upon vines to strangle the downed player. I felt that this was more "sylvari" rather than ranger. 8/30/11 pst-- when the ranger shoots the arrows, luminous green leaves will "appear and disapeer" to give the finisher more "umpf" and then when the arrows hit, some mroe leaves would be nice... Also, this idea is very "special" and may be shot down rather quickly, but I was thinking of when the arrows hit the body of the downed, a sapling would sprout out with leaves and perhaps tiny fruit in a fraction of a second. This idea came from Melandru's scripture story where the hunter's who hacked at the branches and nature and then they themselves turned into trees.

just some basic ideas. the downed player will have to have their body remain on the floor so that players can revive him/her

All finishers should be inturruptable . Also, all finishers should be stationary, except for the thief where the player would be moving, but a distinct and dark cloud would be placed where the player is "standing". To prevent finishers, allies should interrupt by knocking back, launching, or knocking down, or dazing the finisher... those things, and when successfully interrupted, the animation will stop.

thanks guys, eclipse143

---8/29/2011 pst--- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

I was also thinking of racial finishers because a 3 second preparation would be pretty superfluous because of the "simple & fast finishers" So the last 2 seconds, the finishers should be deployed and on the end of the 5th second, the attack should be delivered.

The asuran's racial finisher may be somewhat hard and not as creative, but thats because the asuran are asuran.

Human: According to THEIR STORY in the beginning when they picked which god they follow most, the player will call a translucent spirit of the god they chose should appear above, behind, or infront of the finisher. Not the representatives like in gw1 such as melandru's watcher or balthazar's champion, but the designs for the dervish's elite forms. During the first 3 seconds, the spirit should appear, then it will disapeer, then the player will carry on their finisher.

Norn: (most easiest imo) The player will flash their totem spirit form and then carry on with the finisher

Charr: The player will roar upward and depending on their legion, a short animation will appear. iron legion: the ground below the player will ignite and form a cog symbol. ash legion: ash and smoke will appear around the players' waist, and for the blood legion, I'd figure a short burst similar to the "fall back!" animation in guild wars 1. I'm aware that most of these charr animations seem too "magical" for a stereotypical charr.

Sylvari: Call upon vines that hold the downed player down. strictly for looks, doesn't really do anything.

Asuran: Cast arcane magic in the form of teleporters in guild wars 1, similar to the teleporters in jade quarry, fort aspenwood, alliance battles, and the ones in the crystal desert (only the luminous rings... but some floating rocks resembling the stone bridge that release the arcane lightning might be nice too).