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Pretty simple. In some areas, most notably CM, AB, and RA, players intentionally bring bad builds to hamper the effectiveness of their team. This can often be more devastating than losing a team member entirely. I don't really want to go into details here for obvious reasons - I don't want any more people abusing these things than there already are.

Additionally, you should be able to use this report option when players enter your team in CM, AB, and RA without being max level and/or having a pet that isn't max level. Or, more appropriately, you should just stop these people from entering in the first place. I have actually been on a team with a level 17 before in RA. It's not amusing.

Also, this should not only be implemented in PvP - people that leech in PvE missions or hold a present during Wintersday to prevent more from spawning, for instance, should be reportable.

I'm not going to list skills that could be used to help the enemy team, for obvious reasons, but nerfing balanced (more or less) skills that can possibly help the enemy isn't the way to fix the problem.