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Mysticism rely on enchantment,which in the main power of Dervishes,but it triggers when Enchantment ends,gain poor health and decent energy.My suggestion is to make Mysticism better synergy with Enchantments.My suggestions are:

  • Trigger Mysticism on beggining and ending.Like this:

Whenever an new Enchantment is cast or ends on you, you gain 1 Health for each rank of Mysticism and 1 Energy for every 3 ranks of Mysticism. Scale down.

  • Increase the Health and Energy gain(Health at 3 or even 4 points,Energy at 1,5 points or even 2 points)
  • Make synergy with Enchantments cast upon Dervishes,but I won't get values because i don't know,if this suggestion will be too OP.

Enjoy discussing.